Our company offers unlimited snow clearing per month. No matter how much snow is falling or accumulating. Edmonton receives 52.4 snowfall days plus+ accumulation on average per season. We provide a twenty four (24) hour snow removal service once the snowfall ends. When a larger than average snowfall occurs we may require an extended period of time. Blizzard conditions may require multiple visits to complete the work, however, you can rest assured your property will have great curb appeal.

If you’re not happy we’re not happy please contact us with your concerns; they will be attended to promptly.


St. Albert Lawn and Snow does not use dangerous or damaging chemicals like calcium chloride, sodium, potassium or magnesium on any of our properties. Using our special formula product. Helps to achieve a bare and dry driveway.

During the last decade our winter weather patterns have changed causing freezing rain and icy conditions throughout the season like never before. As a result, slips and falls have become more prevalent than ever before in St. Albert and Edmonton. Our special formula ice management product is eco-friendly and 100% natural. It is safe for all driveways, pet paws, plants and vehicles. It melts 35% more ice and will not stain.

We are pleased to offer unlimited applications with our snow removal packages. To receive this option please inquire about it at time of contract.
We also offer a pay as you go option for our eco-friendly formula.

St. Albert Lawn and Snow recommends the unlimited option as the best bang for the buck.



Depending on the magnitude of what is required. Sq/ft 

  • Driveway
  • Front Walkway
  • Sidewalks
  • Ice Management – Unlimited applications $50.00 per month. Scraping is no additional cost!

(Requires estimate for proper evaluation)



Depending on the magnitude of what is required. Sq/ft

  • Driveway
  • Front Walkway
  • Sidewalks
  • Ice Management – Pay-As-You-Go $25.00 per application – Scraping $50.00 minimum on a per call-out basics.

(Requires estimate for proper evaluation)



Depending on the magnitude of what is required. Sq/ft

  • Driveway
  • Front Walkway
  • Sidewalks
  • Ice Management – None – Scraping $50.00 minimum on a per call-out basics.

(Requires estimate for proper evaluation)


Here is what’s included with our Seasonal Winter Contracts. Everything that you need and want to keep your driveway safe throughout the whole season.


Please Note: Our  snow removal packages are all inclusive


  • All packages include unlimited snow clearings per month from November 1st to March 31st each year. However, contracts can begin in October through to as late as April 30th if necessary.
  • We come to your property even for a skiff of snow. At St. Albert Lawn and Snow we perform daily site checks as part of our service. We perform to a higher standard. 
  • Our packages include a 24 hour snow clearing window after a snowfall ends. Please Note: The twenty four (24) hour service takes effect during the next work day at (7:00AM) week days & (9:00AM) on weekends.
  • We clear a snowfall within 24 hours, however, larger storms and blizzard conditions may require an extended period of time. St. Albert Lawn and Snow continues to return to your home non-stop until your property looks perfect.
  • Your chosen service package includes our eco-friendly ice management. Unlimited or Pay-As-You-Go This is authorized by the homeowner at the time of contract, and is an additional service charge.


When you have St. Albert Lawn and Snow working for you the homeowner, your investment can expect the following.


  • Professional and very friendly staff
  • Individualized and personalized programs
  • Outstanding service
  • Quality over quantity
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Affordable services and more








Snowbird and Vacation Program


We welcome vacationers and snowbirds. Even if you are away for just a day or two you can count on us.


To schedule. Call Today! 780.222.3681 or submit an estimate above.





Our office is closed during December 24th, to December 25th, 2020. All services will resume December 27th.



  • Astonished

    We are astonished with the professionalism your company has and the way you explain your service’s. My wife wants you to know the ice management service is a great package add-on. We highly recommend this company for your property maintenance requirements.

    Dale and Kendra H
    St. Albert
  • Cold Stint

    Deep freeze set in with a record breaking cold stint and came into effect during the middle of January 2020. The “dangerously cold” brought minus -27 -36 -47 and -55 plummeting temperatures through-out our city and surrounding areas. We understand that professional snow removal like St. Albert Lawn and Snow Inc. does not go out in those conditions. We are one of his very happy client’s. Our driveway looks the best in our neighbourhood. Even after those harsh elements that came through our town.

    Erica S
    St. Albert
  • First Time Senior

    As a senior and first time user of St. Albert Lawn and Snow Inc., I really appreciate the snow removal service that Ted and his crew provided. I look forward to signing up again in the fall with this hard working local company.

    Lyn C
    St. Albert
  • Delivered As Promised

    St. Albert Lawn and Snow provided excellent service. This is the first year we have hired someone to do snow clearing and Ted and his crew delivered as promised. They we’re very professional, thorough and meticulous. We are looking at hiring them to continue providing lawn services. Highly recommended.

    Kathy D
    St. Albert